Friday, January 14, 2011

More Adventures in Oahu!

So I did the Sk808 tournament on day 4. It was lots of fun. I met some awesome girls and played hard! I got some nice blocks in, I think. No pictures yet, they are on a friends camera, I will post them at home.

Day 5: Team Awesome Camp
The camp was going pretty good, but the sun got to me. I had lunch early and hid in the shade. During that time one of the girls from our team broke her leg in 2 places. She went to the hospital and had surgery. She is in high spirits and doing well. After that we re-evaluated our trip and decided to skip the second day of camp.

Day 6: Rainy Day= Shopping
We explored a bit on our way to Walmart. We bought a lot of coffee and snacks. Wandered a bit and checked out other shops. Then we planned the next few days.

Day 7: Polynesian Cultural Center
We didn't explore the park. Instead we visited our dear friend in the hospital. She was doing well. It was very nice to see her.

I took a picture of friends in front of this waterfall and I fell backwards onto a stone bench. It broke under me and I continued to fall onto the ground. Embarrassing.

The luau was delicious. The entertainment was great. Lots of fun. I recommend it to anyone the goes to Oahu.

The pit that the pig was cooked in.


Hawaiian food is so good. Poi is kinda an acquired taste. I could get used to it tho.

My Tiki friend.
The show at the center was amazing! It called Ha! Very exciting and fun. No photos allowed. I loved it.

Day 8: Another Rainy Day= More Shopping!
We took the free trolley to Hilo Hattie. It was interesting. We saw the different styles of Hawaiin shirt prints throughout the years.
I bought lot of candy. Yum.

We also checked out one side of the Ala Moana mall. So big.
In the evening we went to Dave and Busters.

Deal or No Deal, I didn't do well with that one. Lol. I rocked Wheel of Fortune. I met up with my cousin. It was so nice to see her.

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