Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Back

Well... I didn't really go anywhere. I have been taking it easy for a few months. Mid December I found out I was pregnant. Big surprise. We weren't planning on it for a few more years, but it was a VERY happy moment.

4 months of super fun morning sickness and moving at a snails pace has passed, I feel more like myself again.

18 weeks...

Today, 22 weeks! Over halfway. I am now in the mood to be more creative. My body is busy making a healthy baby and my mind wants to keep busy now too.
I am going to start creating every day. A photo, a doodle, mail art, some journaling, painting, scrapbooking or sewing... Whatever it is, I will do a bit each day and try to post at least once a week.

Last week I made a plush blanket for my new niece (born almost a month ago) and painted some wooden letters for her nursery.

Today I played around with the Halftone app. Pretty fun effects. I am now going to spend hours of spare time editing photos. They will go great in my art journal.

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  1. Congratulations Lady L - some surprise! All the joys are in front of you - from one who has 3 such 'joys' - they are all now in their 30's! Still giving us joy - sometimes!!!!