Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Table Display - Groundhog Slay

This past Saturday I set up a table at the derby bout. It was CARDA house teams vs OCDG house teams. They were fun to watch. Lots of hard hitting and good strategies. Oil City took the win in both games.

My last table display

New set up!

I got a few new displays. My table shaped up to be pretty functional.
I think I want a new brown table cloth, I think it will go better with my new stuff, what do you think? 



Copper Pipe Necklace Stands

I didn't sell every much at the game, but it was very motivating on the days leading up to it. I need to get myself out there more and take advantage of markets more often. I usually find that when I am sitting there I want to explore the other tables.

I used a couple of my stands in my craft room. They are too nice to pack into boxes until they are needed. I am going to post some of my new designs for sale on my Etsy page over the next week.

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