Saturday, June 22, 2013

Online Shopping...

Hello again. I know I have been neglecting my blog a bit. I was trying to do a bit more networking using Facebook and Instagram. I came across a page called Hike Those Likes Market Place. I was hooked and had to peel myself away after 3 days in a row because my posts were going straight to spam. It only lasted a few days and I was checking back there a few times a day.

Hike Those Likes Market Place is a community of buyers and sellers. Anyone can join and post. Its super easy. They have scheduled events so its easy to participate. Some people trade likes (I like your page so like mine back) but thats a quick way to get spammed. I just learned that lesson. So to get the most of it I now open each page in its own tab and check their photos and posts, one by one. If I actually like the page then I click the Like button and let them know in a comment what it is about their shop I like. I know that when I get encouraging notes it motivates me. Sometimes I tag my page in the comment, but its easier to hashtag it or just post onto the HTLMP community that I am around and they can find me there. They usually find me or they make the connection which page is mine. (I put that I have a page on my profile as my workplace)

There are a bunch of pages that I have found that I am in love with, maybe border lined obsessed. Every time they show up on my news feed I feel motivated to be creative too. I also wish I had more spending money so I can collect their stuff instead of drooling over it. Here is my first list of shops that I think everyone needs to peek at.


All of the accessories on this page are unique and well made. Each one is a piece of art. She also does custom orders. 


Adorable hand crafted clay creatures and original artwork. Eeep... way too cute. 

Creepies Shop                Creepies Facebook

Strawberry Pulse Jewelry

Here is a collection of many unique pieces of jewelry. Nothing typical in this jewelry box. 
ALSO she is carrying a few of my designs! Pretty proud of my new networking skills. :)


Customized bags, purses and clutches. There are so many options, something for everyone. 

Wonderland Cuties

Ridiculously cute handmade plush toys. I want to snuggle them all!

KAPOW Shoes by Gem

Fancy custom shoes with any character on high tops, flats or heels. 

KAPOW Facebook

Big Daisy Kiss Boutique

Handmade purses, wallets, diary covers with beautiful accents. 
I adore all of her work, I am kinda obsessed. 

Crochet Dark and Decadent

Fabulous crochet artist that creates beautifully detailed dolls. 

Alternate Normality

Super cute accessories that will make a statement. Also unique bouquets and other wedding accessories. 

Dream Differently

Lots of gifts from artwork to jewelry. 

The Design Asylum

Awesome graphics printed on things like tote bags and pillows. They also do Steampunk art pieces. 

Beautiful steampunk designs that I find very inspiring. 
Take a look through his albums to be blown away by the layers of fantastic steampunk artistry. 

Blog               Facebook            Shop

I was going to do my top 10, but I got carried away. These 12 shops and artists are so awesome that I had to share. What are your favourite online shops? Or Artists?

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