Monday, December 30, 2013

Steampunk Supplies

I am in constant search of supplies. Craft store, eBay and Etsy all have many steampunk supplies to search through and compare. There are many supplies that I have found and love at many price points. While shopping on eBay can be addicting I still love picking up and examining things in person at the craft store. 

Your Steampunk on Etsy

I recently ordered from YourSteamunk. Very awesome sale happening so I couldn't resist. Their supplies are well priced and come in many different styles. They are consistent in size and quality, which is something I wished for when the last grab bag of assorted watch parts was mostly screws, bits of glass and dust.

I am very excited about my purchase and I will update with photos soon.

2 Jan, 2014
I received my first order from MySteampunk. They are so perfect. I will post a picture of jewelry soon.

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