Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creative Process

Work Stations

Set Up...

So, I have been working on taking more pictures while I am creating and assembling jewelry. Doesn't my workspace look so tidy and organized? That is all before I begin.  (More craftroom pictures)

Beads, findings and roller skates

Workspace 1 month later

 I have so many tiny containers and bags filled with supplies strewn about my desk. On the right I have clay set out. Many orders in the works at the same time. I work well among the chaos.

Assembling the Pieces

Bead Board
I want to fill you in on my process. I make my custom pendants, sometimes keys and altered bits or polymer clay, then I lay them out with beads and charms in different patterns on my board. It is a flocked board with 3 rows and a measuring guide. I like it because I can see the finished piece before putting it together. I can move and change it easily. Once I am happy I put it all together.

Finished Antique Key Necklace

Polymer Clay Pendants

I am working on a full list of basic tutorials and I will hopefully share some finished ones soon. Polymer clay is a fun and easy medium to work with. It is easily available and even children can make things then an adult can bake it. There are different brands and types available. I use mostly Premo Sculpy or Sculpy III. I find its more rigid than other types and best for my style of jewelry. Play around with different ones and pick a favourite. 


I roll out my clay with a pasta machine. Tools can't be used for food once its been used for clay. Knives, cookie cutters, rollers and pans included. Some people even have a clay dedicated toaster oven, I don't have the space now but in the future I will do this. 

Once the clay is rolled out I add texture with many tools and stamps. Play around, its fun. Then I add mica powder, metal leaf or glitter. I also add other flat embellishments. Make sure these are bake-able! If not then bake it plain, following the package instructions and add them after its baked and cooled.

I use epoxy resin to seal my pendants. For beginners I recommend Triple Thick Glaze instead. For resin the area needs to be kid free, well ventilated and controlled temperature and low humidity. Its not easy to clean up and everything it touches should be able to be thrown out. I typically use 2 or 3 layers poured slowly. There are great you-tube videos on this, please do research before using resin.

Almost Finished
Once the resin is cured I add a bail and work on a necklace. Usually a simple chain is easiest to wear, but statement pieces are more fun to make. ;) After consulting a fellow artist I added a ribbon to it. Ask opinions of those that will be honest. A fresh set of eyes really helps.

Time Traveller's Dream

This necklace is available in my Etsy shop. 

I have many more pieces in progress and I will post again soon! I love making custom pieces, fell free to message me with questions and requests.

Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

I recently finished reading the series and I was quite pleased. Although it is written for youth (being 26) I still quite enjoyed it. Set in Victorian London, it's a world of angels, demons, automans and many fascinating creatures.

It does have a steampunk feel to it that I found interesting. She references locations and buildings that did exist in Victorian era but with a super natural twist. The story line has a little bit of a love triangle and a lot of action. The characters have great personalities and are very interesting.

I would recommend this book if you like fantasy based books. I did not read The Mortal Instruments series, but I may pick it up in the future.

What are your opinions for the books?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jewelry Creations

Last Weeks Projects

It was a very busy week: crafts, beach, family get togethers and roller derby practice. Hopefully I will be just as productive over the next few weeks as well. Here is a round up the the projects I finished up.

Custom Order Pocket Watch

Tray of Polymer Clay Goodies

Time Travellers Dream Pendant

Custom Ordered Pendants

Brown Clockwork Pendant

Buck Skull Necklace

Custom Rainbow Anchor Necklace

Nautical Charm Necklace

Cthulhu Earrings

Ancient Octopus Necklace

I am also designing a new business card and promotional items. I am thinking stickers and postcards. What would you like to see?

Business Card: first draft

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Etsy Treasuries


Recently, I was invited to an Etsy Team called Handmade Canada. I love the idea of local artists helping each other promote. I joined in a weekend treasury challenge with 10 other shops. We had to feature at least 6 of the shops in 2 treasuries. It was a lot of fun and I liked the challenge. 

I think they turned out well, what do you think?

View on Etsy

View on Etsy

On my Facebook fanpage I also offered to curate a treasury featuring any shop that commented on my status. I have been networking on Facebook a lot lately and its nice to share and help out other artists. 

View on Etsy

I think I have found yet another thing online to take up my time.