Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Skirt Projects

Hello! I have been working on a lot of things. Sorry for not posting much lately. Many new jewelry designs and even more daydreams of future projects. Updates soon, I promise.

I am planning some steampunk costumes with a friend and it has inspired a whole wardrobe of projects to DIY. I will share the results and tutorial references for you to try yourself. I have a lot of inspirations collected on Pinterest.


I have been daydreaming of making a full costume for quite a few years now, I am finally getting around to it. It helps to have a friend to work on it with, also helps that my friend is a model so photo shoot in the future! I have an extra sewing machine so we can work at the same time, help each other and discuss patterns and alterations. :D

I did a quick sewing project with my friend Creative Creature. She made a tutu type layered skirt they has a red t shirt for a waistband and lining. The top fabric is some spider web printed gauzy fabric.

The one I made is another t shirt skirt with an elastic waistband. So comfy.

I love upcycling and reusing t shirts to make cozy clothes that breathe. Please share your t shirt projects in the comments!

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