Saturday, December 18, 2010

French Memory Board

Here is the tutorial I promised you a while ago. I didn't get to it before my trip... sorry. Anyway, lets start!

canvas or wooden frame
cotton batting
staple gun
buttons, needle and thread OR brads and X-acto knife
glue gun

Cut a piece of fabric and 2 layers of batting to fit your frame. Measure so there is 2 or 3 inches allowance on all sides.

Starting with the corners, fold fabric
over and staple to the frame. Continue all around.

Lay ribbon across in a way you like, I used very narrow ribbon so there are a lot of rows. If you use wider ribbon you won't need as many.
Alternate the directions to add interest.

If you are using buttons, arrange buttons on crossed sections and sew into place.

I used brads, I poked a small slit into the crossed sections and poked them through. Spread out tabs on the other side. Put a dab of hot glue to keep them from falling out.

And there it is!
A lovely, custom memory board.


  1. Oh super! That would work so well for my REAL wall

    Again Lady L, you inspire me to work on yet another project that I have no time for! Another one for the to do list!

  2. Once you get all the supplies together it takes less than 20 minutes, the staple gun makes it so fast. Also, your real wall is always awesome.