Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roller Derby: Red River Deep Freeze

Another awesome weekend of roller derby. The RDRDA Nightshades headed across a couple of provinces to play the Murder City Maidens.

The third floor of the convention center was dark, with spotlights on the track. The start of the game was postponed 20 minutes to get over 2000 people into the stands. As the Nightshades were introduced, only a hand full of people cheered while low booing came from the crowd. Smiling and waving, it didn't shake our confidence. We were ready to play! When the Maidens entered the track the crowd exploded into a frenzy. They have an amazing fanbase. This is the largest crowd I had ever seen at a roller derby bout.
It was an exciting game! The score was close for most of the game. Big hits, pile ups, and penalties. One Maiden's skate flew into the "suicide seating" section after a hit from Nightshades Gunpowder Gertie.
The fans kept their passion for their local girls known. So much excitement during this bout, the refs scolded our team for being " too intense". When I considered this as on our best behavior. No major injuries or players ejected from the game. Both teams played hard! We were so pleased to roll away with this victory! Especially since it was the Nightshades first game.

Murder City Maidens: 111
Nightshades: 133

The game was featured in the Sunday Winnipeg Free Press. Full 2 pages.

Here is a close up of the picture of me that made it. I am in the Blue.

This great shot ended up on Facebook. It was taken by Winnipeg photographer James Carey Lauder. There aren't many good action shots around of me.

I am so proud of RDRDA's Nightshades! I hope to play many more games with these girls.

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