Friday, February 11, 2011

Roller Derby

This is a photo from the SK808 tournament in Hawaii, this past January. Not very glamourous, but its a clear shot of me, blue shirt at the back with striped helmet cover. I have a lot of derby lately. Its hard for it to not take over my life completely. I have been part of the RDRDA league since December 2008. Having been around for 2 years, I have a great understanding of the game but I am nowhere near the best. I hover somewhere around the middle. I think it is because I am not an athletic person. I have never really been involved in team sports or what my fall under "typical sports". I have enjoyed sailing since I was 12 years old. I love boats and water. While in high school I did biathlon with Cadets for 3 years or so. I do hit the gym, once and a while, but I do not consider myself athletic at all. Some girls on my team are amazing! They have experience on skates, hockey and figure skating, and they move into the game naturally and are a lot faster than I am. Although I am confident in my skills, I strive to improve.
I want to be faster! I find it difficult. Maybe new wheels will help? Mine are worn and around a year old. Maybe more practices will help? I go between 2 and 4 times a week. I push myself to my limits each time. I decided to include my blog followers in my Roller Derby journey on the flat track.
This Saturday the Belladonnas are playing the Thrashing Lassies. I am an alternate for this game. I am very excited to watch. I had a break from the Belladonnas for a couple of months while travelling and doing other things. I am very glad to be back. This team is fierce and their practices are kicking my ass. The game is well matched and will be amazing to watch!

Then next weekend the NightShades are playing Murder City Maidens.
I am very excited to play in this game! A lot of the Nightshades are on the newer side of playing, but I know we will do well! Some friends are travelling from out of town to watch me play as well as some Winnipeg locals. Its so nice whens friends come to watch! They better cheer loud.

I will keep you updated on my games and things from now on. At first I was just going to focus on this as an art and craft blog, but there is so much more to me! I am doing a lot when I am not crafting. I hope this wasn't to long winded. More to post soon!


  1. It's hard to keep the art/craft and derby seperate, especially online. Derby seeps into everything (kind of like an oil spill :D). Check out my craft blog and my derby one

    Can't wait to play with you in Winnipeg :)

  2. I am not following your blog Vegbee! It will be so fun to play you in Winnipeg! I am so pumped for the game!
    Thanks Andy! derby posters are always so fun. I have so many around, I am not sure how to keep up with them.