Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walk in the Park

My new fitness program is working well. Exercise every day and eat more protein. Simple enough. In a week and half I have already lost 5 pounds. It is mostly from getting off my ass. Makes me realize how lazy I can get.

I have been walking my dog to the ponds a lot. The bike trails are well groomed and it's not far from my house. Yesterdays walk was quite eventful. I half stepped off the walkway and tripped. One knee went into the mud, the other was scraped and bleeding. That's a good time to sit. I am not sure if they were mad at me or thought I had food, but a group of geese came across the pond at us.

That big one, the leader, walked out of the water and honked at me a lot. Waved his head around, in a menacing fashion, then walked back into the water. They swam away. I just sat there, snapping pictures with my phone. I figured I would not be able to outrun them, but I bet I could kick that big one if I had to.

At another pond there were several geese with babies! Fluffy and adorable!

I usually end up walking for an hour or more when I go there. It's the perfect place to let my mind wander.

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  1. congrats on losing 5 lbs!! I need to get off my butt myself - careful of those geese