Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been a while.

Hey people! I know I haven't updated you for a while. I have been thinking a lot. Thinking about art and crafts. Thinking about jewelry and my classes. Thinking about sewing and mending. Thinking about my fitness and diet. Thinking about roller derby. Thinking about how my "To Do List" is getting crazy long. Yep. I have become a little overwhelmed. Usually, that makes me get lazy and procrastinate. NOT THIS TIME! I am going to include you all in my daily activities, hopefully not too boring.
I need to get back into the 365 routine. It's not hard, it's just easy to set it aside for "later". Which is now.
My workspace is a little cluttered with stuff for jewelry.

As far as my jewelry classes go, I have cancelled a few lately. I put up lots of new advertising around the store and updated the books. It hasn't made much improvement.
I have new steam punk inspired pieces on the go. It's very free form, forgiving, and anything goes. I find this type of creating liberating. Like mail art, no rules.

Keys and gears, easily customized and all one of a kind.

I also took a serger course this week to learn to use my new toy.
I have some awesome ideas. Sew, sew, sew... Pictures soon!

Now for the fun stuff. Diet and fitness. I need it because I over eat like it's an event. I got on a program that's geared towards derby girls. High protein with 5 meals a day. Also regular exercise. I already eat 5 or more meals a day, it's the other stuff I need to work on.

Today I jogged around the block with my dog. Did sit ups, planks, jumping jacks, pushups and a bunch of stretching in the yard. Then took the dog for another walk.

I have been too lazy for the past few months. Roller derby practice twice a week is not enough for me. I think if I start acting more like an athlete I might feel more like one. I will share my progress. I am open to suggestions.

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