Monday, April 18, 2011

Freaky Friday Double Header - *UPDATED!

Thats right! Another bout this month. I survived last Saturday's game so I guess its time for another. The second Nightshades game as a team! I am so proud to be skating with these ladies. Its going to be very exciting! We kicked ass in Winnipeg and now we are ready to do it at home.

There will be a coed game afterwards. RED VS BLACK. They usually come up with very interesting names for the teams, I will update as soon as I know. I will also update with pictures and scores! Wish me luck!


Nightshades take the win in this nail biting, extremely close game! It was exciting, our first home game together. Considering that it was a holiday, our crowd was around 1,000 fans. Which included a very vocal Heavenly Rollers section. Although it was chaotic and confusing at times, we worked together as a team and fought hard for our win. I am so proud to be a part of this team. I know we will grow and become an even more amazing force.




I also would like to say that the Heavenly Rollers are great girls.
It was nice to chat with them at the after party.


  1. Have a blast. I think it so interested that you skate in roller derby

  2. Thanks Julie. It's so fun. No major injuries for me yet. So it's going good. Lots of fun, more posts coming soon.