Friday, May 27, 2011

In my mailbox, this week

From Julie
From Positively Postal
From SPL884

From I'm a superhero I can like fly and shit

Today's Mail Art...

Check Out #95 to #103 of my Mail Art 365 project!

Art Journal

I thought I would share more of my art journal backgrounds. I am going to write all over it later tonight. Feel free to print and use this for your own art! I got the image of the lady from an issue of Sommerset Studio. I am in love with their publications. I buy most of them. So much mixed media inspiration!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Mail Art 365!

For these postcards I used copies of my recent journal pages as backgrounds. My printer was running out of ink and I like the discolouration. I used the same techniques as the journal pages.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walk in the Park

My new fitness program is working well. Exercise every day and eat more protein. Simple enough. In a week and half I have already lost 5 pounds. It is mostly from getting off my ass. Makes me realize how lazy I can get.

I have been walking my dog to the ponds a lot. The bike trails are well groomed and it's not far from my house. Yesterdays walk was quite eventful. I half stepped off the walkway and tripped. One knee went into the mud, the other was scraped and bleeding. That's a good time to sit. I am not sure if they were mad at me or thought I had food, but a group of geese came across the pond at us.

That big one, the leader, walked out of the water and honked at me a lot. Waved his head around, in a menacing fashion, then walked back into the water. They swam away. I just sat there, snapping pictures with my phone. I figured I would not be able to outrun them, but I bet I could kick that big one if I had to.

At another pond there were several geese with babies! Fluffy and adorable!

I usually end up walking for an hour or more when I go there. It's the perfect place to let my mind wander.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Steam Punk, Series 1

I adore steam punk style. It's always so intricate and interesting. I wanted to make some for myself. Now that I have my hands on the supplies for it, I want to make more. I am starting with small batches, pieces for friends, then most of it is going on Etsy. When I make more I might bring some to the market.

Simple earrings with Swarvoski crystals. They are super light weight. $7 plus shipping.

These are polymer clay pendants, glazed and ready for the next step. Wire wrapped bezels. More pictures soon!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art Journal

Since getting into mail art, I have been neglecting my art journal. Since I have been spending lots of time exercising in the sun, it has given me time to reflect. It gave me the urge to record these thoughts in my journal. I decided to combine it with my mail art. I have scanned and used pages from my last journal in the past.

To get this effect in my pages I squirt water colour paint directly onto the page, I used a large wet brush to spread it onto both pages. When I was happy with it I put a piece of wax paper in between the pages (to prevent sticking)Then continued with the next set of pages.
This is the page with some stuff added. I ripped out pictures from magazines, pages of an old well read book and scrap book paper. I like the torn edges. Cut edges have a different effect, try both. I put gesso on the pictures lightly then went over the edges again. I used paint all over the page to blend it into the background. I set a dye cut onto the page and stencilled paint around it. I saved the cutout for a future project. I used pens and markers to highlight and trace areas. I even used my fingers to apply paint. Get into it, Get Messy!
Here are some backgrounds I started that you can print and use in your art. I love the veiny look from the wax paper.Thank you :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In my mail box...

3 From Janet

Test From Sue, I am not good at tests...
From Orange Bunny
From Louise
From Gabby, I love that image on the envelope! Is it a stamp? Where can I get similar ones?
From Dewi
From Bris Chris

It's been a while.

Hey people! I know I haven't updated you for a while. I have been thinking a lot. Thinking about art and crafts. Thinking about jewelry and my classes. Thinking about sewing and mending. Thinking about my fitness and diet. Thinking about roller derby. Thinking about how my "To Do List" is getting crazy long. Yep. I have become a little overwhelmed. Usually, that makes me get lazy and procrastinate. NOT THIS TIME! I am going to include you all in my daily activities, hopefully not too boring.
I need to get back into the 365 routine. It's not hard, it's just easy to set it aside for "later". Which is now.
My workspace is a little cluttered with stuff for jewelry.

As far as my jewelry classes go, I have cancelled a few lately. I put up lots of new advertising around the store and updated the books. It hasn't made much improvement.
I have new steam punk inspired pieces on the go. It's very free form, forgiving, and anything goes. I find this type of creating liberating. Like mail art, no rules.

Keys and gears, easily customized and all one of a kind.

I also took a serger course this week to learn to use my new toy.
I have some awesome ideas. Sew, sew, sew... Pictures soon!

Now for the fun stuff. Diet and fitness. I need it because I over eat like it's an event. I got on a program that's geared towards derby girls. High protein with 5 meals a day. Also regular exercise. I already eat 5 or more meals a day, it's the other stuff I need to work on.

Today I jogged around the block with my dog. Did sit ups, planks, jumping jacks, pushups and a bunch of stretching in the yard. Then took the dog for another walk.

I have been too lazy for the past few months. Roller derby practice twice a week is not enough for me. I think if I start acting more like an athlete I might feel more like one. I will share my progress. I am open to suggestions.

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