Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mini Art Journal: Part 1

I seem to be out a lot lately, when I am bored I play games on my phone or look for inspiration online. When I am home I don't always have time to get out supplies and create. Usually, I set out supplies and go to bed.
Time for a new journal. One that will fit in my purse. I went to Michaels and bought a journal (originally $3) for $1.50 it has a fabric/ canvas type cover. Perfect for holding paint and other mediums.

I started by coating the cover generously with gesso. First with brush strokes in one direction, let dry then another coat in the other direction.

I am not sure what I am doing with the cover yet, so I will get to that when I get an idea.

Inside, I used matte medium to glue pages together. I put waxed paper in-between sets of glued pages.

To make space for papers and other extras I ripped out pages using a ruler. I made sure to leave a couple of millimeters so the pages don't fall out the other side.

Once it was dry, I went to the second page and coated it with gesso.

To cut down drying time I used a heat gun. I used matte medium to glue papers and other background images in.

I used acrylic paint and a dry brush technique to add subdued coloring to the page. I then coated it with gesso, using a dry brush technique.
If pages seem loose once painted, I use tissue tape in the seam so it doesn't fall out.

Now it's ready for more paint, text, stamps and images. Having a few prepped pages will make it easier to journal on the go.

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