Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I missed this...

Time to dust off the old blog.

Hello! Its been forever since I posted, I miss it so much. I feel like I have neglected being creative for way too long. So much has happened since... May? Is that really the last time I was on here? Wow, time to get caught up. So I was spending time doing the usual morning sickness, hanging out with family, working and walking my dog. My schedule was getting so full that blogging and crafting were the last things on my mind. Especially with a new niece born in March. Summer was so hot out, I was hiding out and reading a lot.

I did create a few little things before I had Myla. Some blankets, burp rags, soother clips and hair clips.

Picked up some soft fabrics, I ended up sewing 2 blankets for my niece and 4 for Myla.

Found a great mitred corner blanket tutorial at Apostrophy Designs.

I used flannel for one side of the burp rags and lightweight towel for the other, super absorbent.  

This is a little owl I appliqued and embroidered onto a blanket for my niece. 

Yep... not a lot of crafting going on. 

What inspires you? What projects are you working on? 

One more question, what are you reading? I am almost done reading the Millennium Trilogy and I picked up Bossypants by Tina fey for my next book. I don't know what to pick up next? Any suggestions?

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