Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New House, New Craft Room!

Remember my old craft rooms? Here are some highlights...

My first was a small bedroom, not bad but a but awkward to set up. (See more)

Then I moved it to the basement and shared the space in the laundry room. This was a lot more functional and accessible. I ended up getting a tv and cable hooked up down there. It was nice and cool down there all summer. 


We started moving into our new house not long after Myla was born. Like a couple of weeks. Since I had a c-section I didn't do much moving or helping. Just hung out with my bear and watched everything come in the door.

Here is what our house looks like. Our yard was a big pile of weeds and dirt, this looks a lot better. :)

In February I FINALLY got my craft room in order. I am really organized and I love labels. It drives me crazy when things aren't put away where they belong. Since we moved in, my craft room has been piles of boxes and bins piled up on one another. I did work around the mess from time to time, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I do now. 


Yep, this is was it. Messy.

I searched the internet for inspiration: Google, Pinterest, then I came across Houzz.  
I have always admired library shelves in homes. Ohh, envy...


After having my head swimming with ideas and envy, its time to plan it and put it together.
I found bookcases at Canadian Tire. I bought 4 Sauder 5-shelf bookcases and 4 Sauder 3-shelf bookcases.

By stacking the shelves with shorter ones on top, they reach almost to the ceiling. 
This got most of my stuff out of boxes. I still need some kind of shelves for in the closet, but so far I have made lots of progress!




I am so happy with how it turned out. Now I can spend nap time doing something productive.

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