Friday, April 5, 2013

Flash Back: T Shirt Reconstruction

I recently got back into the track after around 14 months away. I miss roller derby a lot. I decided to make my return to a different league. Why? The friends that I made in derby that I kept in touch with either are no longer skating or they are skating with another league. It wouldn't be the same as when I was last there so a change of scenery should help me stay motivated. I am nowhere near ready to play competitively, but exercise is always good. Meet my new crew!

Now, on to the t shirts. These are very old, think early 2010. I watched a lot of ThreadBanger and bought some books on sewing. (the old crew is back to it and I enjoy their new videos) I am reviewing my old altered t shirts and going to work on some more. Putting my name and number on some new shirts will help my new team mates get to know me.

Here is a video that shows you how to make a pattern.

Tunic Large Mens T

Remove sleeves and cut a flattering neckline.

Turn inside out, measure and mark.

Pin then trim!

Sew sides, leaving arm holes open.

I used little scraps of fabric to gather fronts of straps. I tied a double knot and trimmed ends. 

Dress from XXL Mens T

First remove collar and sleeves.

Measure and trim to size or use elastic to fit it if you want it baggy, like I did. 

Use sleeves to make bust area, trim and pin. 
Cut strips from scrap fabric and sew them to top for ties.

Sew... top and add elastic.

Ta Da! 

I wear it with a bandeau so its not too revealing. 

Now to get out my stencils, paint and scissors to make some more tops!


  1. Love the tees - good idea for some summer clothes. Threadbanger is back up too - sort of exciting, yes?

  2. I was so excited to see Corinne and Rob are back. Bio Nerd was okay, but everything was so girly. It's nice to have the variety again.