Friday, October 4, 2013

How To Place a Custom Order

Designed Just for You

The polymer clay components that I use are handmade by me. I love making custom pieces and working with customers to create something beautiful. 

Usually I re-create one of my designs in a different colour or combine a few designs to make something new. Its a lot of fun when customers give me a simple description and let me design my interpretation of it. Colour, shape, size and length are the details I start with. 

I send lots of progress photos along the way to make sure that I am heading in the right direction. If not then I don't mind starting over.

It does not cost extra to order something custom made. It will be the same price I would sell it for in my shop. I make two pieces to pick from, if there are any changes then I make a third. If I still can't make what you are looking for I will have a longer more descriptive talk about it to try again to make it. 

Example Order

This customer wanted a "Time Traveller's Dream" necklace in rainbow. Why pick one colour when you can have them all? I had a lot of fun making this cheerful necklace. It really brightened up my workspace. These are the photos I shared with the customers for the orders. Expect similar update photos with your order.

Please note that it is very important to follow the instructions on the packages of everything you work with. Many supplies can be harmful to you or your children.



I started by getting my clay together. I didn't like the shade of orange I had so I mixed a new one. I rolled it out then used a texture sheet to give it some depth. I cut out my shape. This can be done with many tools, but after its used for clay it shouldn't be used for food. This is when I add glitter and mica powder. Some people use eyeshadow.

I add a variety of embellishments. Then I bake it following the instructions that came on the package. If some of your embellishments can't be backed then carefully pull them off or just decorate it after.
If you would like to order something that I do not have, I can order supplies in but it will add 15 days or more to complete. Also, price might increase if the supplies cost more than my original ones.

Once the pieces are cooled completely I cover them in 3 or more layers of resin. Take care to follow the directions, have protective equipment and lots of ventilation. Once the resin is cured I use E6000 glue to glue on a bail.

At this point in the process I ask the customer to choose one. If they aren't quite right I set them aside to finish later. I talk to the customer to see what changes need to be made and make another. 
Sometimes there is no right way to capture someone else's idea accurately and it might be time to move on. If there was a deposit taken then I refund it and hopefully they can find it by someone else.

I set out a variety of layouts and photograph it for the customer to choose from. Then I assemble it.
When I receive the rest of the payment I pack it up and mail it.

Exaple Two

In this case I was given a theme, which was gardening. I then received a colour scheme of purple, turquoise and green. I was also told the recipient loves birds. I was given complete creative control for the rest. 


First I mixed, swirled and cut my clay. I used a textured stamp and highlighted it with mica powder.
I had a variety of bird charms so I let the customer pick one. I trimmed off the loop and pressed it into the clay. I also accented it with silver beads. I baked it following the instructions.

Once cool I covered it with 5 layers of resin. I used more so the charm was completely encapsulated in resin.

I have some large leaf shaped charms so I decided to use alcohol inks to colour it. 
Once dry I sealed it with clear sealer.

I used E6000 to Glue the parts together, then glued a bail on the back.

I set out a few designs and she picked this lovely one. I put it together and packed it in a gift box.
It was a gift for her mother and I was informed that she loves it and wore it right away.

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