Saturday, October 5, 2013

Resin: Easy Cast

Videos and Tips on Working Safely with Resin

I personally work with "EasyCast" resin by Castin' Craft. It is simple to measure because it is half and half. There are other brands that use the same process. (Example: ICE Resin) 

My Tips

Work with resin in a space that is children, pet, and dust free. Cutting resin out of cat hair or sanding it off your flooring doesn't sound fun does it? If you are outside cover it with a plastic bin or shoebox to prevent bugs or dust getting in. 

I like to cover my workspace with newspaper. Layers of it. Then I wrap a piece of cardboard with wax paper and tape it on. I use that to place my (baked and cooled) clay pieces on while pouring resin. 

I use a popsicle stick to drip it onto my piece. (like in the second video) 

I wear safety glasses because I don't want a silly craft project mishap damaging my sight. (I even wear low magnifying glasses while sewing for the same reason)

Please read all of the safety information provided in the package. Do some research before starting. Use protective equipment and have adequate ventilation. You won't regret wearing an apron or safety glasses. 


I am just going to share some awesome videos by Beadaholiqe. They are very clear and easy to follow.
I use a heat gun instead of a torch. She must have some crazy awesome table top to be able to torch it and not cover her workspace...

*Heat gun or hairdryer work fine. Craft heat guns are typically used for shrink wrap and embossing powders.

Another Great video on How to Apply Resin to Objects with Uneven Backs and Stamping Blanks.

Do you have any questions or need more tips? Please comment below and I will do my best.

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