Monday, April 18, 2011

Freaky Friday Double Header - *UPDATED!

Thats right! Another bout this month. I survived last Saturday's game so I guess its time for another. The second Nightshades game as a team! I am so proud to be skating with these ladies. Its going to be very exciting! We kicked ass in Winnipeg and now we are ready to do it at home.

There will be a coed game afterwards. RED VS BLACK. They usually come up with very interesting names for the teams, I will update as soon as I know. I will also update with pictures and scores! Wish me luck!


Nightshades take the win in this nail biting, extremely close game! It was exciting, our first home game together. Considering that it was a holiday, our crowd was around 1,000 fans. Which included a very vocal Heavenly Rollers section. Although it was chaotic and confusing at times, we worked together as a team and fought hard for our win. I am so proud to be a part of this team. I know we will grow and become an even more amazing force.




I also would like to say that the Heavenly Rollers are great girls.
It was nice to chat with them at the after party.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! UPDATE!

I will be playing in this game tomorrow in Calgary. Should be so much fun! I am pumped! Updates will be posted as soon as the game is over!


It was a very fun, hard hitting game. (I even made a couple of good hits!) Hellion has a lot of taller and bigger girls. When lining up next to most of the Belladonnas, it looks like our short stature would cause us a disadvantage. After the second jam it was clear that it was not the case. The pack pace was pretty fast and sometimes chaotic. Our strategy and teamwork won this game. Some of our fans heard people talking about us being an intimidating and agile team. I agree.




I hope we can get our hands on a video of this game. I really would love to see it myself. When I find a group picture I will update this post again.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mail Art 365!

I am determined to catch up with Mail Art 365. I am not quite sure how far behind I am, but its around a month or so. I am slowly getting there. I love mail art. I hope it is enjoyed by the people I send it to. Here are the rest of my postcards on the 365 blog. Let me know if you want some art from me! I am always needing more addresses.

If you want to get into mail art check out IUOMA. Great place to network!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Craft Room Relocation...

Here are some before pictures...

My incomplete desk and packed closet...

Since we are getting 2 more room mates, I gave up the bedroom I was using in favour of the basement. I do share my new space with the laundry washer and dryer, but I can handle that. My bedroom and bathroom are also in the basement, so now I officially inhabit the entire basement! I kinda feel silly that I hadn't thought of it before. Maybe thats because it was filled with storage boxes, an extra washer and dryer and lots of other things. I cleaned and sterilized the room and moved right in! I think it flows a lot better and its easier to get to everything.

Two big windows let in tons of natural light all day! Love it. See the fish in the vase? He's a Beta, no name yet. Suggestions?
The desk is now complete! Perfect for my sewing machine and serger!
Storage is a bit cluttered looking, I am putting the empty boxes that are on top of the shelf into the crawl space soon. Then I plan to put a curtain up on the shelf to make it look a bit better. I am not in a hurry, it functions well as it is.

Thats my new space and all of its awesomeness. Now to get back to crafting...

Yesterday's Mail Art!

Here are the cards I made yesterday. I was on a roll! Made 3 right before a roller derby scrimmage practice and 3 after. I posted them last night on Mail Art 365. There is a lot going on for me right now. Roller derby 3 or more times a week, teaching 2 or 3 jewelry classes a week, working 2 days a week, and babysitting a few times a week. Oh also this month I have 2 roller derby games! No posters for these games yet. I will take pictures and keep you all posted. Anyway, I am now back into routine and I can squeeze in mail art now that my craft room is all moved and put away. Pictures right away!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Worked on this for a few hours today! Sorry for the absence on the mail art scene. All of a sudden real life crept up on me and dragged me out of my creative dream world. I hate being too busy to be creative. Its #5 on my priority list, under food, sleep, family, and roller derby. Phew, I had a bit of time to make some jewelry and from that sprang a few orders. Which is great! I am so excited for the market to start in May. I might reprint some of my mail art and sell them as postcards... good idea??? Hmm, we will see.

I have a few pieces of mail art on the go today! Featuring my new artistamps. Hopefully I will post them tonight or tomorrow morning.